How do we create your personalized tours?

The concept of an ideal tour is very personal and differs from person to person. However after doing extensive studies and surveys we found out that for most people every ideal tour had three main aspects:

  1. You are visiting a good friend who lives in the city.
  2. The friend plans the tour and takes care of you.
  3. The friend is able to adapt the plan if you feel tired or change your mind.

But we know that no one has a friend in every city of the world, so we thought of making it possible for people to visit a new city and have same experience.

Our team of psychologists, machine learning experts and travelers came up with the following 5 steps to create the ideal tour for you.

Step-1 We have local citizen guides

We have locals who come from all walks of life, have different, yet interesting personalities, are experts on a given topic and love their city deeply.

Step-2 We learn about you

We ask you to provide some simple information.

Step-3 We find your match

We analyze and match your data with locals through two main approaches:

  • Some machine learning algorithms
  • A more psychological approach where the match is created on a deeper, spiritual level.

Step-4 Your ideal tour is created

Selected locals create the plan for you and select the best attractions, sightseeing and restaurants from our "library" of places according to your preferences and budget.

Step-5 We keep it flexible

During the tour with our citizen guides, you are free to change the plan on the fly.

Create Your Journey