Unique Experiences

mazury sailing east europe

Sailing Trip

Have an amazing and relaxing trip around Lakes, learn how to sail and relieve stress.

east europe biking adventure tour


Choose any area you would like to explore and have an adventurous ride around cities, through mountains or along the seaside.

east europe romantic dinner tour

Traditional Cuisine

While visiting a new country you must try their national cuisine. You will get a new taste sensation and it will easily immerse you into the local culture.

east europe salt mines

Salt Mine

Explore mysterious underground world of Salt Mines, with its underground lakes, chapels and mythic statues.

east europe balloon ride

Balloon ride

Fly high and rise to the sky on air balloon and see unbelievable landscapes from the birds eye view.

east europe adventure tour canoeing


Are you looking for adventure? Go canoeing with our local on the swift river and feel the thrill.

Stay in a mountain hut

Stay in a Mountain Hut

Can you imagine saying alone in a beautiful wooden hut among the mountain hills? Imagine a sunrise over mountain peaks and have a deep breath of fresh air. You can experience it with us. Welcome to Tatry!

east europe hiking


It is time to do activities and go hiking among beautiful mountain nature and spend there a night while looking at the stars.

east europe cultural events tour

Local Events

The best way to immerse yourself into a new culture is participating in local events. Traditional fairs, concerts of local groups, festivals, holidays celebration… all this and much more you can experience with us.

east europe luxury tour wine and cheese degustation

Wine And Cheese Degustation

While travelling around Europe with our local expert you can try a huge variety of cheese and wine specialties from local producers.

east europe architectural tours

Architectural Trips

If you are interested in impressive historical periods in architecture, or you would just like to be surrounded with medieval atmosphere, this trip is for you.

east europe outdoor movies

Watching Outdoor Movies outdoors

Relax while watching a local movie on a big screen surrounded by locals and local nature.

east europe treasure hunt

Treasure Hunting

Feel yourself a treasure hunter and go ahead for adventurous and treasures from World War II!

east europe war tour

World War II Heritage

Visit the main places from the Second World War times. You can feel the atmosphere of abandoned places after the war and get knowledge and experience about that era.

east europe luxury boutique

Stay in Boutique Hotels

Instead of stay in usual hotels we have prepared for you the most unique places to stay so you feel yourself exceptional.

east europe luxury spa tour

Relaxing in Unusual Spa

Have a snake massage, dip in the brew, fire cupping, sound spa and much more. Dont miss the opportunity to relax physically and mentally.

east europe banjee jumping

Bunjee Jumping

Feel the drive and adrenaline while a free fall in different amazing places around the Europe.

helicopter flight

Helicopter flight

Have a nice view on the whole city from the cabin of the helicopter and have a great experience.

east europe windsurfing


Sunny and windy weather, shout of see gulls... these signals indicate, that its time for doing windsurfing.

night at  the opera house

A Night at the Opera

Listen to famous opera masterpieces in the best operas in the Europe.

east europe thermal baths

Thermal baths

Have a relax and plunge into a warm water in the East European sources.

ballet show

Ballet show

If you are a fun of art or dance or just like to a witness of beautiful action you should attend a ballet show. Is it a classic or modern, everyone will find a style that speaks to them.

east europe nightlife


Enjoy the nightlight in Europe and visit famous clubs. There is a party in every block.

east europe kayaking


Do some activities on the nature and go kayaking with our locals to the river or local lake.

indoor climbing

Indoor climbing

its time to do an active sport and improve your climbing skills in the biggest indoor climbing halls in Europe.

dolphin show

Dolphins show

Everyone likes cute and smart dolphins. Dont skip a dolphin show while traveling with a family, you will enjoy it as much as your children.

river cruise

River cruise

Have a night river cruise, taste good wine and dishes and immerse into a magnificent city atmosphere.

knights tournament

Knights tournament

Immerse yourself to the Medieval epoch and participate in knights tournament or fights or witness its amazing action.

beer tasting

Beer tasting

and central European countries are famous for their crafted beer. Have a unique beer tasting from the best local brewers.



Do shopping in the shops from the best local producers and brands. Attend the best shopping malls and purchase clothes, accessories and other staff for you and your family.

funicular ride

Funicular ride

Definitely the best way to reach the top of the hill is to take a funicular ride. You can explore beautiful views from the cabin window and save a lot of time.

segway tour

Segway tour

You dont like to exploring the city from the cars window and you dont want to walk? The greatest solution for you is a segway tour.

ride on snowmobiles

Ride on snowmobiles

Have an extreme expedition on snowmobiles during the daylight or at night and get lots of unforgettable memories.

cocktail party

Cocktail party

Attend a cocktail party in the best local clubs with the best drinks, music and atmosphere.

east europe skiing tour


Learn how to ski with our local experts during the winter season and explore amazing mountain landscapes.

east europe huskie sleigh adventure tour

Huskie Sleigh Ride

Would you like to race around a winter forest in a sleigh while the suns rays reflecting on the snow create a sense of wonder.

Paravelo flight

Flying on Paravelo

Have an extreme flight on Paravelo over the city. Feel the blow of the wind and see amazing landscapes from the bird eye view.



Reach the bosom of the sea and explore underwater World full of amazing inhabitants and unique flora.

Rope course in Adventure park

Adventure park

Rope and obstacle courses, lots of challenges for different difficulty levels for all ages and much more interesting activities in Adventure parks.

horse ride

Horse ride

Have a walk through the forest on a noble horse or have a course of professional horse riding.

Escape room

Escape room

Do you like challenging tasks and solve puzzles? Then the escape rooms is a good activity for you. Have fun, proof you analytics skills and find an exit from the room.

off-road ride

Off-road ride

You like driving on off-road areas? Pick a cars or monster tracks and have an unforgettable adventure.

dinner in medieval restaurant

Dinner in medieval restaurant

Immerse into Medieval times and have a dinner in a Medieval restaurant with traditional food, interior and music.

stay overnight in a prison

Stay overnight in a prison

Do you want to feel the experience being imprisoned? Some of prisons give such opportunity and provide you with the same treatment and condition as usual prisoners.

tatra climbing

Climbing highest peak in Polish Tatra

Climb the highest and second highest peak in Polish Tatra.

visit national park

Visit European forests and National parks

Visit the oldest European forests. Maybe see wild animals as Byson and Wolves. And enjoy spending time in the nature.

mushroom hunting

Mushroom hunting

Go on mushroom hunting with our local expert to the forest and cook them afterwards together.

tatra climbing

Stay in a medieval castle overnight

Live in medieval times. Enjoy the thrill of staying in a medieval castle.